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Nutritional Foundation Booklet & Audio

We have designed the Nutritional Booklet and Audio to facilitate the process of making effective nutritional modifications. Each is available electronically and your doctor can provide you with hard copies as well.

Nutritional Foundation Booklet

Nutritional Foundation Audio

Research has clearly demonstrated that most of problems from which suffer are generated, in part or largely, by ongoing inappropriate levels of inflammation. Accordingly, the Nutritional Foundation Program addresses this underlying biochemical problem.

In the patient section of our website, the key subjects of inflammation, diet, and supplementation are discussed on individual pages. This information supports what you will learn about in the Booklet and Audio.

You are also welcome to visit the Clinician side of our website for more detailed information.

About Us
Founded in 1924, Anabolic Laboratories is a pharmaceutical manufacturer of clinically dispensed nutritional products for the licensed health care professional.

Our manufacturing facilities are located
in Colorado Springs, Colorado &
Irvine, California.
Quality Standards
As a United States
federally regulated and
inspected pharmaceutical
manufacturer, our quality
control, manufacturing,
and quality assurance
requirements are the
most stringent in the
Pain & Inflammation
Chronic inflammation is
recognized as a root cause of
“modern” disease. Causing
pain, fatigue, cognitive
decline, and depression,
chronic inflammation
has reached epidemic